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Gilberto Frola – Moneikos Yacht captain

Martino Motti interview with Gilberto Frola - Where do you come from captain? I’m Italian more exactly from La Spezia before becoming a citizen of the world that is. I was spurred firstly by passion and then by the nature of my work. I am currently resident in Monaco.

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Massimiliano Frazzetta – Nanook/Oasis Yacht captain

Martino Motti interview with Massimiliano Frazzetta - Where do you come from captain? Let’s say I’m Italian from several places of the Country. I was born in Liguria, grew up in Milan and I’m now living with my family in Viareggio. But the wish for Sicily is strong and every time I get to Palermo I feel at home.

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Franco Fusignani, CEO at Benetti

Corradino Corbò interview with Franco Fusignani - With the launches of three over a hundred metre ships in little more than three months . the latest on May 28th - it looked as if this renowned Leghorn based shipyard could slow down a little to recover a deserved second wind.

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