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Codecasa has been building yachts for nearly 200 years, The reason this well respected shipyard has done so well is because of the high quality material used which is made to last and for the detailed dedication invested in each unit which goes hand in hand with style and design and that has never failed since Codecasa yachts are not trendy, trends like fashion come and go, Codecasa yachts appeal because they’re well built and timeless season after season and year after year. In fact when talking about a yacht, specially a large one, it needs to be more than stylish and classy. It needs to feature appealing design work just as much as a chef needs to be really good in the presentation of his dishes if the restaurant wants to rank high and it needs to be built well but that is still not quite enough! The third winning ingredient regards technical aspects since primarily a yacht is built to cruise and sail and therefore must be able to offer and guarantee safety, and maximum comfort.

Below you will find articles published in the Superyacht magazine

Here the sea trials published in the Superyacht magazine

Piazzale San Benedetto del Tronto, 7 C.P. 456 – 55049 Viareggio (LU)
+39 0584/384092