The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 45 – Spring 2015

“Entourage” Italian Sea Group’s largest so far is an innovative 47 metre superyacht which hit the water summer last and was officially presented at the latest Monaco Yacht Show. It was built in the sumptuous Marina di Carrara shipyard.

“Entourage” certainly stands out of the chorus line with its six tons of glass panelling which translates into very bright interiors and where elegant contemporary interior decor and furniture create a pleasing atmosphere also thanks to a sophisticated noise – dampening, sound proofing installation which also reduces heat dispersion. This has been extended as far as the crew’s quarters as well as to the adjoining technical rooms setting new standards for this yard’s future builds and not only. There are many tell tale details which can be defined as conventional in creating “Entourage”.

In fact the initial layout of the first Admiral Maxima 47 foresees a living room situated along the main deck with the dining area next to it which is followed by the master suite further forward in the bow area.

Four guest cabins are situated amidships of the lower deck while the upper deck houses a generous lounge and bar. The captain’s cabin is situated behind the bridge and helm controls station while the vast crew’s quarters are situated along the lower deck hosting crew’s passage ways, ship’s stores and technical areas. So ‘quoi de neuf’? By shifting the angle of one’s visual magnitude or on the contrary by looking at everything from very near, one can quickly realize that Admiral Maxima 47 is everything but standard.

Harmonious stylized lines by Luca Dini an internationally renowned architect who’s initialled many Admiral brand yachts and has been working closely with the Centro Stile department of the brand for some time contain well distributed spaces in a semi-wide body hull sporting 499 gross tons which is close to the 500 GT limit so as to fall short of having to go by more complex rules of compliance, governing registration and much more.

Furthermore some of the bulwark running along the top sides reducing the view from the saloon living room area has been removed to enhance it. This has become an adopted feature in new project designs of the brand, as the solution also makes the huge cut glass areas brightening up the main saloon along the main deck more visible. This yacht’s interiors are something astonishing, a real surprise.

To quote Dragana Maznic who’s worked closely with the brand’s Centro stile for the interiors and is design director at the Toronto based Great Gulf Group a prize winning architects’ studio which has developed new buildings in other Canadian towns other than Toronto like Brampton, Mississauga, Stouffville, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa. “This design really gets you – he says – it harmoniously balances between avant-garde and timeless appeal and there’s an ongoing dialogue between contrasts, light and dark, glossy and eggshell, cold and hot, hard and soft, which enhance one’s attention, and senses, furthermore absolute passion went into Entourage’s interior design work, and the entire Design Team has worked tenaciously and with unfailing enthusiasm.

The concept which stems from careful planning and from a sincere wish to respond to a complex and stimulating request for interior spaces to be welcoming, embracing and carry you into another dimension”. “Entourage” proudly boasts imposing large, very bright open interior spaces offering amazing uncluttered ocean views, which enhance a sense of continuity with the exteriors. Dark shadows at times flare up with rich reds, as in some of Vinicio Momoli’s works which embellish VIP and other guest cabins for their delight.

His works of international renown have been inspired by some secret places in the Mediterranean sea, sun and sky which stimulate one’s fantasies, induce happiness and celebrate the best sides of life. The four decks offer many options as to where and how to relax and amuse oneself. The sun deck invites one to re-discover convivial moments in the sun with all of 134 square metres of available surface area, this deck also offers a lot of well devised open space. There’s a wellness area and pool, with custom made sun pads by Paola Lenti, lovely sofas for exteriors also by Paola Lenti and with sun beds by Patrizia Urquiola all create an ideal spot in which to relax and enjoy the surroundings while sunbathing.

The walk around deck area complies to class norms and has no cumbersome screen towards the bow. The main saloon sports four floor to ceiling window panels which make it outstandingly bright and convey the same feeling a loft style apartment van convey. Even though the engine room’s air vent columns rise up on each side of the main saloon they have little impact as they are neatly concealed behind cut glass panels – next to one of which there’s an upright piano – and the sense of continuity with the exterior is guaranteed by cut glass sliding doors which open towards the stern end of the deck. The owner’s quarters extend over an area of about 80 square metres.

They are made up of a private gym packed with Technogym gear placed just before the entrance to the master suite which is lined with wardrobes, where the height of the ceilings is exceptional. Next to this, moving forward toward the bow there’s a full beam bathroom.

The owner’s request in this context was quite clear, he wanted a clear division and no sense of continuity between interiors and exteriors in the area, but spaces which would mirror his healthy sporty life style. To this end, right next to the fully equipped gym, there’s a Turkish bath which can also be easily accessed by the owners’ guests. Access to the guest quarters along the lower deck is via a lightweight staircase with cut glass panelling. They are made up of two double cabins toward the bow and two twins amidships. Each one differs from another expressing different themes. The saloon on the upper deck sporting plenty of natural light with four large window panels gives the same sense of space found below.

The bar area is lined with back lit onyx, which knowingly creates a separate area from the adjacent store rooms. The section further forward houses the radio room situated directly behind the helm controls station which is lined with brown skin and macassar wood inserts. A complete range of Furuno navigational equipment, aids and display panels complete the picture, while vertical window panels offer 180° views.

The galley situated along the main deck has been built and equipped to the highest specs and required standards. In addition to a daily fridge measuring one metre across in which to store food, there are other larger fridges and freezers situated along the lower deck level and two additional ones to chill wine in, with a capacity of 175 bottles in each.

There’s more additional space reserved to guests in the bow area of this deck, which doubles as sun bathing area and also an area containing a crane, with which to manoeuvre tenders and the access to an emergency backup generator stored out of sight, inside a specially designed recess. The stern area too sports an intelligent layout.

The owner wanted a beach club but also a reasonably capacious garage. The result is a 34 square metre beach club area, thanks also to the transom opening outwards which is easy to reach from the main deck by a comfortable stairway.

The garage/hangar not only houses a five metre tender and jet ski, but also an ice maker, fridge, storeroom for the beach club, and a second laundry room for ship’s towels. The crew’s quarters have the same standards, following an old saying which says that it takes a happy crew to make the owner and his guests happy. Each cabin is decorated to high standards with triple sound proofing.

The result is that crew in the laundry area for example can easily watch TV or listen to music without disturbing off duty crew members resting/sleeping in their cabins nearby. Worthy of note too is a tunnel which leads back to the stern end which allows crew to move easily anywhere, while ensuring high level service and going about their daily chores without disturbing guests. “ You can really appreciate why this yacht is so special only when you look behind the gloss and elegance on the surface” says Giulio Pennacchio head of R&D at Italian Sea Group.

The construction material is full ABS. Every single design, every single window panel , every single detail has been stamped and approved. “Entourage” is rated ‘full commercial class’ and compliant to the latest norms and rules. Every aspect has been taken into due consideration from layout and accessibility to the technical areas and to the quality of the materials used, the plants installed, to the size of the engines – a pair of Cat C32 Acert which proved to be the best choice all considered.

They’re capable of delivering a top speed of 16 knots”. The great care given to detail also stands out when walking through the tunnel which also connects the crew’s quarters to the engine room: every little space along the passageway has been designed to host technical gear and free the engine room proper of much of the equipment generally situated in there.

Thanks to this, the engine room albeit a large one, allows quick easy access and easy maintenance checks to all plants installed therein. With a range of 6,000 nautical miles “Entourage” can reach the four corners of the world and cross the seven seas. The special attention given to detail in every area will give the owner and guests the sort of comfort one would expect from a yacht of the kind and will give the crew confidence enough to cruise areas that may be also some distance away, from the more popular routes. With Admiral Maxima 47, Italian Sea Group takes a leap forward again in its quest to build up its range of large yachts. We’re not just talking about length this is the Group’s largest so far, but at the same time, it is also proof of the project team’s capability, in interacting so well between exterior and interior designers, and between the technical department and construction which have clearly demonstrated the degree of their know how which clearly points towards bright future prospects.

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Text by Roberto Franzoni – Photos by A&B Photodesign

The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 45 – Spring 2015

LOA: 47 m – Beam: 8.90 m – Engines: 2×1,081 KW Caterpillar C32 Acert – Top speed declared: 16 knots – Cruising speed declared: 14 knots – Fuel tank capacity: 70,000 litres – Guest cabins: 5 – Crew cabins: 5 – Exterior design: Luca Dini-Admiral Centro Stile – Architecture and naval engineering: Admiral-Italian Sea Group – Interior Design: Dragana Maznic.