The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 48 – Winter 2016  

Stacks of innovative technology packed into the new Amer 94’ – the first superyacht in the world to be equipped with the latest Volvo Penta IPS.

It is easier to spot stylistic novelties and upgrades in this creative and sparkling superyacht world than technical innovation. Shipyards are very often a lot more focused on seeking new shapes than new technological solutions, which are in the main beyond their own reach as they’re  somewhat tied and dependant on what new products industry comes up with in terms of  parts, engines and electronics.

But  shipyards have a great opportunity – and responsibility – in selecting the most interesting and suitable solutions to present to their clients. This is exactly what Permare has done this year before its 28.65 metre – 94’ Save the Sea hit the water.

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This yacht derives from the preceding 92’, but it has been thoroughly upgraded not only in its  already very  elegant lines but mostly in the engine room where a pair of Volvo Ips engines have been installed. Years ago it was not possible to install these types of engines, because they lacked the sort of power large vessels required. This Swedish brand has recently launched models which comply with today’s superyachts’ requirements as well.

The Amer 94 is the first “ small” superyacht to be equipped with Ips engines. The US. Lazzara  Yachts  shipyard already deployed Volvo Penta engines on board of its LSX 92 in 2008 but this was a four engine configuration made up of 4 Ips 800 engines each capable of 626 HP or 460KW.  But Amer 94’ is the first over 27 metre superyacht built in Europe to sport Volvo Penta engines with Ips drives and is also the first to be equipped with the hefty 1200 model. Barbara Amerio who’s very happy with the project which comprises Volvo Penta Ips drives, reports:”

This type of drive which has been successfully deployed in small and medium sized units so far has been very significant in lowering fuel consumption while guaranteeing great manoeuvrability. Our shipyard has been looking forward to testing this innovative engine for some time and has waited  for the development and construction of a specially made hull in which to best exploit the Ips 1200 series”.

The Amer 94’ Save the Sea is certainly eco friendly and needs considerably less fuel than other engines with the same power. This yacht handles a lot better than the preceding 92’ from which it evolves and not only while manoeuvring in restricted waters but underway as well. Comfort too, has been upgraded while perceived noise levels outside on deck have been reduced by as much as 50% thanks to the new engines.

Another great advantage found in deploying Ips drives is the extra space gained inside and thanks to  the rational optimisation of the engine room which translates into a five cabin layout  making this new model interestingly attractive to charter parties. Amer 94’ is rated at less than 24 metres.

Barbara Amerio adds: “ What else can we superyacht builders do to raise our clients’ awareness and to underscore the importance of lowering polluting emissions and fuel consumption levels? Our product range continues to perpetrate this concept  exactly as we’ve been doing for years.  Amer  is a highly esteemed and appreciated international brand which offers a dual option: to cruise either in planing mode or in displacing mode to reduce fuel consumption”.
The new special hull in which to test these innovative Ips 1200 engines, is the new 94’ which has been designed to sport three Volvo Ips  662 Kw/ 900 HP engines installed into one engine room in what is for the segment concerned an absolute novelty.

The only truly innovative Made in Italy hull of such size.
The 94’s main features have a lot to do with impact on the surrounding environment and the reduction of fuel consumption. The new engines diminish polluting exhaust emissions by 30% and are much more economical to run in terms of fuel consumption.

“Ips drive technology has proved to be more efficient between 24 and 35 knots says Barbara Amerio – and to reach these speeds with three engines we need highly performing hulls and attentive weight distribution patterns. Thanks to acquired know how in terms of hulls Amer Yachts can come  up with every technical requisite with adequate innovative solutions.

The Amer 116 is a successful example of what we’re talking about. The 116 is all of 36 metres long with a considerable top speed of 27 knots powered by a pair of Caterpillar C32  1,825 Hp engines which thanks to our consolidated experience in this field coupled to what it takes to build high performance hulls with rational fuel consumption levels, we are sure to obtain maximum benefits from the Ips system”.

Volvo Penta’s Marine Market Manager for Italy, Nicola Pomi says: “ thanks to the technical works carried out with Permare and the ensuing successful results obtained in testing for this 28 metre yacht we have perfected a final lasting product which will constantly be  present in the building of large yachts”.

As for comfort levels the yard has selected to equip Amer 94 with the latest generation Seakeeper 16 gyroscopes which thanks to the yacht’s limited weight, the obtainable reduction in roll will guarantee added liveability and accrued all round comfort. Seakeeper 16 has been designed to deliver between 70 and 90% roll reduction on vessels up to 70 tons with lengths ranging from 18 to 24 metres.

Two units can be installed on larger sized vessels. By comparison Seakeeper 16 requires little electric energy, has nothing outside of the hull, no external appendices, and it can be installed  off  centre line if necessary. Thanks to its control and computerised vacuum technology feature this model ranks as being the most practical and modern roll reducing gyroscope available.

We enjoyed testing The Amer 94’ during the latest Yachting Festival around Lerins isles in the Gulf of Cannes while the captain, comfortably seated on a red skin Besenzoni armchair adroitly used a joystick by which to steer  the Ips drives. To impress those on board with the way this 64 tonner handles he expertly shifted the yacht diagonally across and sideways  to port and then to starboard with the engines idling – very impressive. You can spin it 360° if so inclined too! All with the joystick. Great all round manoeuvrability!

The yacht from standstill planes quickly going from 1500 rpm, to 1800 then 2000 at which point the yacht is planing at about 28 knots with a fuel consumption of a mere 15 litres/mile. All out at 2300 rpm we reach 30 knots using a shade over 16 litres a mile.

As the yacht slows down to  long range cruising speed of 24 knots at 1800 rpm, fuel consumption drops to 12 litres per mile and with a fuel tank capacity of just 7,000 litres which is standard quantity on a 20  metre yacht this one can cruise for almost 600 nautical miles.

Vibrations are down to virtually zero, thanks to the absence of the dear old in line shafts and two forward facing counter rotating  propellers which have been substituted by four and three bladed propellers in the sophisticated more efficient and more economical Ips system. Noise levels as already mentioned have also been substantially reduced  thanks also to the yard’s detailed attention in sound proofing both the engine room,  lounges and main living room area.

Finally Amer 94 sports a  modern, elegant non minimalist interior décor  which is rich in terms of materials used but also in the number of adopted solutions. The first stunning sight hits you as you enter the main living area which features a long white marble passageway strip which extends as far as the dining area beyond the saloon and then this wide marble strip rises vertically from floor to ceiling. The visual impact is simply awesome, elegant and yet sumptuously welcoming.

The attractive white shade of glowing polished marble blends well with the very  light colour schemes deployed for the seats mounted into the dark tones of their frames.
Below decks of this four cabin version we find the owner’s private quarters which are situated amidships and run full beam across. Astern of these there are two VIP cabins with beds set across  and forward of the owner’s quarters  there’s a guest cabin with two beds. The interior layout of this Amer 94’ is also original and innovative in terms of décor and furniture. Amer 94’ proposes something really new for the planing superyacht segment which will surely become an all important element of comparison to which the whole yachting industry will refer to.

For further information Via del Castillo 17; Portosole 18038; Sanremo (IM); Italia +39 0184504050 [email protected]

by Giuseppe Seregni

LOA: 28.65 m – Beam: 6.30 m Draught: 2.96 m – Displacement semi laden: 64 tons – Fuel tank capacity: 7,000 litres – Water tank capacity: 1,800 litres – Waste water tank capacity: 400 litres – Sewage tank capacity: 400 litres – Engines: 3×900 Hp Volvo Penta IPS 1200 –Declared top speed: 30 knots – Declared cruising speed: 24 knots – Construction material: GRP.