The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 62 – Summer 2019

“Spectre” is a 69 metre full custom built by Benetti for John Staluppi, entrepreneur and American philanthropist with a wholesome passion for James Bond’s saga and ‘veteran’ loyal returner to Benetti. In fact this is his third superyacht in less than ten years.

“I’m Staluppi, John Staluppi”. He must have introduced himself like that mimicking Secret agent 007 -Bond’s way the first time Staluppi walked through Benetti’s gates. From then on it’s been love at first sight as in less than ten years he’s had three superyachts built and “Spectre” is the latest.

Born in1947 Mr. Staluppi started with nothing and followed his dream and become a multi-millionaire. He quit school at sixteen and kicked off as mechanic to become one of the most important entrepreneurs in the automotive industry in the USA. Among other things, he founded Florida’s Classic Car Museum known as “Cars of Dreams” which is where he often stages auctions dedicated to charity. A great philanthropist too, he’s been involved in several charity associations. Staluppi is also a keen yachtsman of superyachts as well being the founder of the Millenium Super Yachts brand through which he proposes highly performing custom models. He’s always been a real ‘monster’ performance buff, also as a challenge to the Aga Khan’s very fast power boats. Staluppi induced Heesen to build him “Octopussy” a 39 metre with a top speed of 53 knots followed by a 36 metre by Norship “Moonraker” which is capable of 61 knots and by 42 metre “The World is Not Enough” built with the Millenium Super Yachts brand which notwithstanding the fact that according to the design project it should have reached 70 knots, it has never gone beyond 66.

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Adding up the number of yachts he has owned over the years, John has had 18 yachts and superyachts each one of them with names connected to secret Agent James Bond created in the ‘fifties by Ian Fleming. The latest in this long list is 69 metre “Spectre” which hit the water on November 19th last year at Benetti’s premises. With a steel and aluminium alloy build this mega yacht required a total of 750,000 man hours to build from inception to completion.
Giorgio M. Cassetta drew up the project design work of the exteriors, with a demanding task which was to deliver enough similitude with the glorious thrilling moments the US automotive industry was capable of delivering in the nineteen fifties and sixties. The final winning result obtained was, in working with proportions, making them dynamic but without taking anything away from the interior volumes, and naturally with numerous special designs borrowed from the historic and iconic motor cars which used to speed along the highways in those times.
Dutch Mulder Design delivered the structural project work of the hull and engines, with whom Staluppi established a long prolific collaboration. As for “Spectre” Frank Mulder came up with something he defines as being a “High Speed Cruising Hull, a sort of displacing hull which enables the 69 metre to reach a considerable speed of 21.2 knots with a pair of MTU 2,580 KW engines which is as much as 30% better than that of a traditional hull. Thanks also to large capacious fuel tanks this yacht’s range is of about 6,500 nautical miles at 12 knots.
Total Ride Control technology by Naiad Dynamics, thanks to this Dutch studio has been installed for the first time on a yacht namely ”Spectre”. Prior to this Total Ride Control technology was installed on commercial vessels. The system enhances stability while cruising. Essentially it is made of a pair of stabilizer fins in the bow area which dampen pitch accordingly and three interceptors aft of amidships towards the stern area which dampen roll. Benetti’s in house interior Style Department and the owner accompanied by his wife Jeannette for her precious input worked together. The final choice fell upon Liberty styling which in trendy Paris hotels and boutiques was very popular at the turn of the twentieth century. More of it is clearly visible in several of the details in the main living area/saloon situated along the main deck. Details of the carpeting copy the Parisian style of the times and so do the window like ports which like to recall the shop windows of the same period in Paris.
The interior layout comprises two large cabins along the lower deck which also hosts the crew’s lodgings for a maximum of 14 and for whom great attention has been paid in making them comfortable. Still on this same deck we find a wellness centre which runs full beam across, a gym, hammam, a massage parlour, (which can double as a further cabin). Aft of this there’s a beach club, a garage with room enough for a couple of large tenders and two jet skis. Other guest cabins have been envisaged along the main deck in the bow area, more exactly there are two with private bathroom and an astonishing 90 square metre mega VIP suite. Aft of amidships there’s a living /saloon area with dining room, a lounge which show cases four small temperature controlled wine cellars with precious bottles of wine, and an enormous cockpit.
The owners’ quarters are along the upper deck and comprise a private study, two separate bathrooms, two dressing rooms and a private access to the deck area in the bow section. This features two ‘fold away’ terraces into the topsides. The remaining 110 square metres of surface area of this deck is furnished to provide pleasant convivial moments to guests. It is furnished with a dining table, large side boards, a lounge space, with another inside lounge and bar totalling 90 square metres which can offer breath taking panoramic views.
A bridge deck proper with l-Bridge full custom by Team Italia features three 32” 4k touch panels by which to monitor safety, while navigational aids, radar, Full ECDIS, CCTV, searchlight, closed circuit cams, and more pass through three multi control plants with jogger, trackball and OLED systems. A 46 inch touch screen routing facility, i-PLAN, l-NAV, anchor watch system, a document and a System Supervisor in addition to infotainment, there’s also a pool, two sun bathing fully equipped platforms, a bar, lounge sector and an external dinette spot ideal for snacks and informal ‘al fresco’ dinners, next to the helm controls station on the bridge deck.
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By Daniele Carnevali

The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 62 – Summer 2019

LOA: : 69.30 m – Beam: 11.70 m – Draught: 3.20 m – Displacement fully laden: 1,000 tons – Fuel tank capacity: 120,000 litres – Water tank capacity: 18,000 litres – Engines: 2×2,580 kW MTU – Top speed declared: 21.2 knots – Range at 12 knots: 6,500 nm – Guests: 12 – Crew: 13+1 – Construction material: steel and aluminium alloy – Class: ABS Compliance LY3 – Naval architecture: Mulder Design – Exterior design: Giorgio M. Cassetta – Interior design: Benetti Style Department.