The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 32 – Spring 2012

The 27-82 CS is C. Boat’s new exclusive model presented by the Sicilian boatyard August last in Monfalcone Italy. This steel displacing motor yacht is all custom built, as per the owners’ wishes below deck from layout to furniture as well as out which translates into something truly unique and original.

The 27 – 82 CS is all of 27.30 metres long but the hull length falls within 24 metres for a beam of 7.50 metres. A robust and elegant yacht designed for the more demanding routes no doubt, with a very personal and “beefy” look about her which is reassuring in terms of safety albeit with modern flowing and well proportioned lines.

The hull features a sturdy bottom with a deep “V” shape and 8mm thick steel plates in proximity of the keel with a high vertical bow and a low centre of gravity for enhanced stability at all times. The aforementioned flowing lines, a well planned distribution of weights as well as the imposing piercing bow, allow proven significant performance in heavy weather.

To this effect the yard claims to have successfully targeted the expected results in a force 8 with 50 knot winds also thanks to two powerful 875 HP caterpillar engines. At just 1,800 rpm these engines maintain cruising speed deploying only 40% of their potential which translates into less tear and ware and therefore a longer life as well as reduced consumption. Every motor yacht of the C. Boat range relies on Caterpillar generator plants for the production of energy as well as Caterpillar engines for every unit produced by C. Boat Yacht Builder.

The style of this yacht appears to derive from a successful mix aptly blending an explorer model with a luxury one which results in versatility of use with refined comfort, while this “tailor made” custom built small ship features great appeal for the internal layout and exteriors thanks to large window panels and ample space on deck and below. It has been conceived for the well being of those on board over long periods as well and offers the possibility to adapt every detail according to the owner’s tastes. For example a soft shade of yellow was chosen for this yacht as per the owner’s request as a distinguishing mark but also for more “visibility” when cruising in open waters.

The interiors thanks also to the noteable beam (of more than 7.40 metres) which enhances the sense of space while substantial window panelling also on the coachroof offers plenty of natural light to the saloon, its adjacent areas and a remarkable sky view. Custom made embellishing whitened English oak is deployed below while the floor is in wenge wood. A high degree of liveability as well as comfort are guaranteed throughout this yacht. The dining area towards the stern hosts a table with a seating capacity of ten and a ‘C’ shaped sofa opposite.

Descending from the main deck one accesses the night quarters featuring five cabins with private bathroom situated along a wide corridor. Each cabin sports a thick leather band of a different colour that runs along the perimeter of each cabin above the top of the bed area offering a pleasing contrast between ceiling and floor which is covered with cream coloured carpeting.

The owner’s bathroom is as large as a cabin, it hosts a shower stand which is 1.70 metres long while the WC / bidet are situated in a separate space away from the shower. The whole of the bathroom is bright thanks to four oval windowpanels set along the sides which have become C. Boat’s yard main feature. The other cabins too sport a pleasant leather and carpeting mix, generous wardrobes, and bathrooms with shower cabinets and bidets.

The current hard times that Italy and other euro zones are enduring in the yachting industry, have been made worse due to tax reforms, and tougher fiscal rules that are largely responsible for an even greater and dramatic situation in the whole of the recreational yachting sector in Italy which is why C. Boat’s CEO Mauro Corvisieri bravely promises to throw in two years worth of tax and two of mooring fees to every buyer of a new yacht.

Mr Corvisieri an Italian entrepreneur more precisely from Sicily with an undisputed passion for the sea, and yachting explains how he plans to counteract the current recession: “ Right now Italy needs a helping hand, the recreational boating industry ranks fifth and for this reason has to be enhanced and encouraged through brave initiatives that come from entrepreneurs such as ourselves, and this initiative which is part of our company policy offers maximum priority and attention to clients’ satisfaction, which is what underscores our brand”.

In fact C.Boat Yacht Builder is among the first European companies to guarantee their boats for four years. Meanwhile the yard continues to come up with new projects: the beginning of January saw the presentation of the entry level C.Boat One which is ready for construction. It will be a “small” ship of 18.70 metres (but with a waterline length of under 17) and a beam of 6.10 metres which not unlike her larger sisters, will sport state of the art structural features embellished with elegant spaces offering added liveability which according to the yard is comparable to a 20 metre motor yacht.

The more outstanding features found in this project are once again the large window panels in the saloon, as in the larger sister ship the 27.82 CS, while the internal layout is tailor made with 3 or more cabins. The company’s great success thanks to growing clients’ requests has approved the opening of a new and more powerful production plant situated in Monfalcone which is very near the sea and can produce larger boats and more boats than in the previous old plant in Gambare di Mira near Venice. Consequently C.Boats has recently moved to the new premises.

The company’s short term projects include opening a further production yard in Palermo which is where the head offices are currently situated. This translates into significant cost reduction and new jobs in an area which badly needs to be boosted. Mr Corvisieri’s dream is to be at the helm of a “made in Sicily” yacht production group, which will also help to bolster Italy’s boat building sector and bring new employment to the south.

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Marco Troccoli

LOA: 27.30 m – LWL: 23.87 m – Beam: 7.50 m – Draught: 128,000 kg. – Fuel tank capacity: 16,000 litres – Water tank capacity: 3,000 litres – Engines: 2x 875 HP Cat C18 – Top speed declared: 14 knots (unladen) – EC Class: A – Passengers:24