Superyacht 71-Autumn 2021

“Aurelia” is the first of CDM’s Flexplorer range which as the name suggests represents an evolution from the explorer yacht concept designed to offer total flexibility.

This explorer yacht’s ever expanding segment is led by CDM that is currently offering an ample heterogeneous range which starts with the more classic Darwin Class in steel to the more modern Nauta Air as well as a series of One Offs like the fascinating “Audace” and “Crowbridge” and the most recent RJ Class and Flexplorer yachts. This latest product has been launched with the launching of the 130’ “Aurelia” designed by the yard with precious input from Sergio Cutolo’s Hydro Tec and Francesco Paszkowski’s Design.

Cant Marche Flexplorer 130

“The first Flexplorer is undoubtedly a turning point. In actual fact despite the notable success judging by the latest renderings of other competitors we’re way ahead and this makes us very proud” said Vasco Buon Pensiere, co- founder and Sales & Marketing CdM shipyard Director. “The first to interpret a new tendency and the first to have launched the project design work years ahead represents a perfect return for all the efforts we’ve put into creating the Flexplorer range”.

Cant Marche Flexplorer 130

The reason for this pride is found in the yacht’s features beginning with typical CdM navette thanks to Sergio Cutolo’s experience flanked by his Hydro Tec Studio which has delivered design work, as well as a functional asymmetric layout. “Flexplorer is the perfect example of how the same contents can possibly be expressed in diverse forms: with CdM we have completely revolutionized the Explorer yacht concept to obtain a synthesis which encompassed this typology’s core features, coupling them with centuries of naval tradition and creating a new shape and a flexible model which well adapts to being made to satisfy each and every client”. said Sergio Cutolo. 

Cant Marche Flexplorer 130From outside looking in, one of Aurelia’s peculiar aspects is the shape of its multitasking cockpit area, from a technical section it can be converted rapidly into a lounge overlooking the sea with folding balconies totalling a surface area of 115 square metres. A carbon “A-frame” crane capable of handling up to 3.5 tons at a time which the yard developed with input from AMS (Advanced mechanical Solutions). When not in use it is hidden from eyesight. It was designed to launch and recover a Clubman Joker boat 28 EFB which is 8.5 metres long. There’s room enough on board to carry a William Diesel jet 445, two sea bobs, surf boards and three mountain bikes in a dedicated garage and in a stainless locker which also hosts a second 500kg davit/crane.

Sergio Cutolo said: “The Flexplorer is the perfect example of how the same content can be expressed in different shapes. In CdM’s case we have totally revolutionized the concept of Explorer vessel to get to a synthesis which encompassed this typology’s core characteristics where optimising spaces along a transversal frame increases interior volume thanks to the reduction of the structure”. Furthermore this solution enhances greater flexibility in the design work which translates into simpler, less laborious modification according to different clients’ wishes.

Cant Marche Flexplorer 130

Aurelia is equipped with twin pairs of electrically operated stabiliser fins. This solution guarantees greater efficiency also thanks to integrated sophisticated software acting on both independent electric rudder blades upgrading sea keeping performance. All of this resulted in installing smaller electric engines and smaller fins minimising what we know as ‘rudder effect’ which is normally brought about by larger fins which would substitute the preceding ones in case of partial failure”. 

Beyond a yacht’s technical aspects there are several important aspects concerning the interiors for which Francesco Paskowski’s studio delivered useful input and know-how. “Drawing up Aurelia’s interiors has been very stimulating involving CdM’s whole design team as well as the owner and Margherita Casprini who gave us the opportunity to explore new solutions in terms of design”, commented Francesco Paskowski.

Additionally, “Aurelia possesses an industrialised inspired model which takes after some of New York’s sophisticated lofts. Brushed oak strips dedicated for the flooring enhance a vintage feel which blends well with slate coloured finishes, details, cement glass iron and aluminium. Brown hues and gun metal greys of precious fabric and furniture upholstery, treated skin made to look old is used for sofas and armchairs’ upholstery. The styling of the lamp and faucets bring out an atmosphere of industrial inspiration”.

The layout requested foresees just four cabins with the owner suite situated along the main deck and with three guest cabins along the lower deck. There’s loads of room for a wine cellar distributed on two levels, it is made up of two columns with a capacity of 44 bottles in each and a gym equipped with latest Technogym gear.

A pair of Caterpillar C32 746kW engines are expected to deliver a top speed of 14 knots and a range of 7,000 nautical miles at 10 knots with a fuel consumption of 70 litres/hour. This thanks to a CFD designed hull tested in Holland’s institute as well as resulting into a perfect match with the engines.

For further information: Cantiere delle Marche 

Text by Daniele Carnevali – Photos by Guillaume Plisson


LOA: 39.37 m

LWL: 38.23 m

Beam: 8.60 m

Draught: 2.60 m

Displacement: 392 tons

Gross tonnage: 453 GT

Engines: 2×746 kW Caterpillar C32 engines

Top speed declared: 14 knots

Range at 10 knots: 7,000 nm

Fuel tank capacity 60,000 litres

Water tank capacity 8,500 litres

Guests 8

Crew 6

Construction material steel and aluminium

Class: C Malta Cross Hull • MACH Yacht, unrestricted navigation

Naval architecture: Hydro Tec

Exterior design: Francesco Paszkowski Design/Margherita Casprini.