The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 45 – Spring 2015

DL Yachts exhibited a lovely 26 metre, the first of a fleet which will include yachts up to 49 metres at the latest Cannes Yachting Festival.

Strange but true enough, despite a decidedly special period, the world’s economy by and large is facing up to, but obstructing growth of luxury market products in general and more so the high end yacht luxury market in the Italian yachting industry which has against all odds seen the arrival of a new major player – DL Yachts which shares very little with new shipyards in that, Peter Zuber a well known entrepreneur in the international yachting scene, with more than 35 years experience under his belt is at the helm of this recently formed company. Most of you may recall he was behind the re-launching of Dominator Yachts when the company changed hands from Italian to Austrian ownership.

DL Yachts produces out of Ancona in Italy with Head Quarters in Austria. The company aims to stand out of the chorus line, by offering clients customized yachts featuring innovative, technical and stylistic solutions, as an alternative to what is already available on the market. Studio Team for Design namely Enrico Gobbi is working closely with Peter Zuber to realize an initial project design which will be shared in terms of styling by the whole of the ensuing fleet, so as to be immediately recognisable and re-conducible to the brand.

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Arrabito Naval Architects have been taken on to provide waterlines based on “Blade” a semi displacing yacht which was developed, tested and fine tuned in appropriate water tanks, aided by fluid dynamic computational methodology which translates into a special hull featuring low drag coefficients and little resistance to forward motion, while guaranteeing the same comfort levels of a displacing hull also when planing. An important contributing factor to correct weight distribution is thanks to six fuel tanks installed in key positions to optimize at best the positioning of the yacht on the water according to sea state and conditions. The yacht’s design, possesses definite classic lines which are nevertheless original and elegant thanks to the chrome white of the superstructure and the tinted full height window panels. The Italian design studio specifically set out to enhance contact with the surroundings, therefore there are plenty of large glazed window panels offering great views of the sea, from every area inside the yacht. The interior decor is welcomingly cosy, modern and yet not in the least minimalist. It is decorated with prime choice materials specially requested by the owner and tastefully lit with LED lighting.

The layout of the interiors requested by the owner takes after what is often found in larger yachts. The night guest quarters are made up of three cabins situated along the lower deck, one of which is a VIP cabin and runs full beam across and the other two are doubles. Each cabin has its own bathroom en suite. The owner’s quarters are on the main deck’s bow section which offers maximum privacy. The remaining deck space hosts a dining area, lounge and galley equipped to “professional” standards inside and two open air lounges respectively situated in the stern and bow areas. The helm controls station is situated higher up on the bridge section which then leads up to a large flying bridge hosting another helm controls station and a generous area equipped with sofas on which to relax, a corner bar and a Jacuzzi hydro-massage tub protected by a hard top with electrically opening sunshine roof at centre.

Technically speaking this Dreamline 26M has been designed and built following the patterns normally found on larger yachts. Astern we find a technologic garage/hangar which sports a special mechanism by which to launch and recover tenders which can easily double as beach club area or gym even. The whole of the yacht has been sound proofed with an innovative solution which also reduces perceivable vibration. Main installations can be bypassed in case of failure where back- up systems intervene like they do on ocean crossing vessels. The Dreamline 26 M exhibited at the Cannes Yachting Festival is equipped with a pair of 1,800 HP engines and is also available in Navetta version with hybrid 1,200 HP drive units developed by Siemens.

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Text by Daniele Carnevali – Photos by Alberto Cocchi