Superyacht 72 – Winter 2021-2022

A surprising 24-meters, both for design and engineering solutions. That is EVO V8, last creation of the yard Blu Emme Yachts, owner of the brand Evo Yachts; the yard’s flagship, and launching boat for the new V line.

A first look from the pier unquestionably shows Valerio Rivellini’s hand and creative talent. The boat ultimately combines innovations and engineering solutions in all of her sections: the fly with retractable cokpit, the double external bridge, the beach area whose sumptuous equipment and furniture disappear in a fascinating joint game.

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Not to mention the simply stunning owner’s suite: located in the aft, it is externally hidden by glass windows that provide a breathtaking view on the sea, as if it all happened on a floating beach.

The designer’s aim was to find a meeting point between sails and engines fascination. The double external bridge stands out as the key element in this sense: a wheel for each side, next to the bulwark, where the view on mooring maneuvers is as perfect as maneuverability while sailing.

This being said, it is space usability that mostly creates the encounter between the two ways of sailing. Both inner and outer spaces converge to a common ground that Rivellini himself summed up in one sole expression: Superevo 8 makes you feel at home from the first step onboard, the swift pace of an engine ship matching the relaxing comfort of a sail boat.


The beach area fully receives and welcomes this idea of relaxation. Indeed, it is a sea-leaning balcony, 70cm above the water line, whose Evo-signed folding gunwales sharply expand room for guests and provide a stunning 180° panoramic view. A free, open space, minimally furnished, that accurately hides the starboard garage where the tender, some water toys and the disappearing crane are stowed.

The cockpit directly accesses the main deck, characterized by huge opening glass windows, to strengthen the direct contact with the sea. A hydraulic vanishing staircase with telescopic handrails leads up to the fly. Which is more precisely a roof top, furnished with four little couches, shower and fridge. The prow bridge is the fourth onboard, reckoning the internal one and the two outer wheels. It can vanish though, on a simple rotation, thus turning the space into an ultimate panoramic balcony. Internal spaces are fully customizable.

The unit we sailed on in Cannes, the first one, featured three guests rooms and two for the crew, accessible from the main deck via two separate staircases. On sailing, the two Volvo Penta IPS 1350 engines thrust the ship to 22.3 kn, fuel consumption 385 liters per hour. We cannot relate direct impression from the wheel, as the owner-to-be clearly asked the captain not to let anyone use the wheel. What we can say is that, in a prototype awaiting the yard again, creaks and vibrations typical of a hastily built ship did not fail to appear. This is what the designer himself said, the nautical exhibit coming very close.

For further information: Blue Emme Yachts – Evo Yachts

Text by Nico Caponetto – Photos by Studio Borlenghi


LOA: mt 23.71

Length of hull: mt 23.71

Beam: mt 7.17

Draft: mt 1.50

Displacement: kg 64,000

Engines: 2×1.000 HP Volvo Penta IPS 1350

Cruising speed: 19kn

Project: Valerio Rivellini