LOA: mt 49.90

Width: mt 9.12

Mid-laden draught: mt 2.65

Displacement: kg 515,000

Gross tonnage: 499 GT

Fuel tank: 68,000 litres

Water tank: 16,000 litres

Engines: 2×1,700 HP MTU 12V 2000 M86

Top declared speed: 16 knots

Cruising declared speed: 11 knots

Range: nm 4,500

Construcion materials: steel and alluminium

Project: Alberto Mancini/Overmarine Group.

Superyacht 75 – Autumn 2022

Flagship of the Oceano metal range, this displacing 50metre yacht has gained international consent, as well as a World Superyacht 2022 Award. Two units have been launched already, three more are currently being built. Her key feature is the stunning connection exterior-interior, the latter literally flooded with light. Flexible layout to allow up to six cabins, and the bow garage, big enough for a beach area beyond expectations, complete the picture.

“Countless drafts on paper, pencils to etch every single detail, I want a perfect looking motoryacht, strong and sleek, with shades and reflexes of a sculpture, a perfect ratio between full and empty as if alluminium were laid on a moving being; I’ll get perfect balance between soft and stiff lines, then a mark to highlight glass windows, to be stretched like one single trait which joins interior and exterior. I’ll figure out decks, jutting out one of the other, engraved by the wind. It’s not enough though. So, I’ll cut it out, to make alluminium look like a cloth, and throw indirect lights through the slots to highlight and enhance hidden surfaces….and that’s the way my thought admires her, in a Caribbean night, as a stunning bay below her glitters under her reflexes.


These is what talented Alberto Mancini declared in Montecarlo, when the Oceano line designer unveiled the new 50 Project. Alberto’s poetic introduction was made true by Overmarine’s unquestionable ability, their technique and know-how. The bulky 50-metre -if compared with entry model 44, also signed by Mancini- finds her way through the internationally acknowledged range, now spanning from 39 to 60 metres in length.


The innovative deck layout and shape allows for good views and sunbathing areas on each of them. As the small pictures, above right, the room can host a decent pool with chairs and cushions, once the upper deck grating has been removed and the tender launched.

Less than one year after the first Oceano 50 was launched, the second unit was baptized this year in June, in Pisa, Navicelli area. “Project Verona” is due to be sold on the American market. “Ocean0 50 shows unparalleled volumes where inner and outer space merge into a perfect synthesis”, declared Mangusta President Stefano Arlunno. “Customers’ clearer and clearer tendency is to recreate the spaces of their villas onboard their yachts, and Oceano 50 perfectly embodies the spirit”. This is the twelfth unit the Pisa based yard have launched from their metal division”, said CEO Maurizio Balducci, “to be followed by two more over the next months. We are truly proud of the results we scored thanks to this new division, siding the one of mixed material ships in Viareggio”.


Light blue-turquoise silk and linen, white marble, sand coloured durmast parquet, contrasting with dark blue ash and brass finishing make up the décor. Wide full height glass windows let natural light flow in.

Appreciation does not only come from the American market, but from the entire Superyacht community. The first Mangusta Oceano 50 actually triumphed in London, where the latest World Superyacht Award took place; she got the prize from qualified owners, for the category “Displacement Motor Yachts 499GT and Below, 45m and Above”. Mangusta Oceano 50 is a displacing ship, with steel-made hull and alluminium superstructure.

The yard’s Engineering Office gave their contribution to the Mancini-signed project, capable as they were to optimize inner and outer spaces without exceeding 500GT. Naval architecture is Studio P.L.A.N.A and Engineer Ausonio’s job. A perfect combination of high tech contents and cutting-edge design. Balancing inner and outer spaces is actually Mangusta’s highlight; the yard’s boats all provide the owner with this opportunity to enjoy privacy and socialization at he same time.

More than one external area is actually dedicated to guests, including a sauna and a three-level beach area, whose interconnected terraces skim the water for immediate sea access. Moving the garage within the deck bow area made this possible, allowing to optimize room to obtain a 68 square metre beach club, and generally redefine the design of a 50-metre ship to make it similar to larger ones. Light is a key element onboard Oceano 50.


The main deck hosts the living room, the dining room and, closer to bow, the owner’s suite. The yacht’s décor is Alberto Mancini’s job, whose strict and sober style is shown by light colour shades.

Natural light, crossing outer and inner decks, and hidden light cuts emphasize every single detail, and provide the yacht with unique personality when lit at night. The layout also makes Oceano 50 unique; it is really and fully up to the owner to choose from the several combinations it offers, depending on how he wants to live his yacht. Up to six cabins can be actually obtained onboard. The owner’s suite, on the main deck, stretches out for 52 square-metres, it is equipped with a large walk-in wardrobe and an exclusive automatically opened terrace facing the sea.

In the six-cabin version the full beam Vip one and four more for guests are located on the lower deck. Interiors were designed to expand external spaces. The living room full height windows, main deck, and the ones on the upper deck smoothly let light in from the bulwarks, deliberately emptied to increase the view on the sea. Alberto Mancini’s décor is based on an elegant combination of soft, clear shades.


Precious materials were used, like silk and linen gently moving between light blue and turquoise, white marble, durmast sand-coloured parquet, softly contrasting dark blue ash and brass details. The aft cockpit on the main deck reminds of a villa living room. A teak shell protects the sofas, which form a square ring on a slightly lower level than the side walkways, so as to obtain a unique privacy. The aft door, once fully opened, creates an endless dialogue with the living room, amplified by the two side sliding doors, whose natural actors are light and air. The bow hosts technologically significant content.

The owner’s suite and its restroom, both full beam. The shower box to separate “he” and “she”, for a total surface bordering 50 square metres. Starboard, ahead of the lady’s vanity, the folding terrace opens behind the two white armchairs, with her glass windows allowing open sea view. Next page, the Vip cabin above, the guests’ cabins below.

A spacious and linear cockpit overhangs the garage. Once the tender has been launched, the pool which contains it can be filled with water to obtain a true 6.5 x 2.6 metre swimming pool, 1.3 metre deep, providing backstream swimming. One more whirlpool is found on the sun deck, with sea view. To complete this part, a fully equipped and comfortable relaxation area and a dining table to host up to 12 guests, sheltered by a full beam hard top.

The two MTU 12V 2000 M86 engines, 1700hp each, allow Ocean 50 to reach a 16-knot top speed, or to sail for 4500 nautical miles at 11 knots. Electric Zero Speed stabilizers guarantee comfort onboard, while sailing as well as at anchor. Five more units of Mangusta Oceano 50 are currently under construction at Navicelli yard in Pisa. The fifth unit was sold in cooperation with American brokerage company Moran Yachts, and is scheduled for delivery in Summer 2025. Next available unit for sale is the sixth, which will be ready for delivery in Summer 2026.

For further information: Overmarine Group – Mangusta

by Roberto Franzoni