The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 61 – Spring 2019

This third of the 60 metre sailing yachts is ketch rigged and built for Italian banker Ennio Doris. The yacht is among the most advanced in terms of technology deployed and thanks to the owner’s choices in conjunction with his family this yacht has already become an Italian model of elegance.

Any yachtsman will wonder at how many crew must be needed to handle thousands of square metres of canvass and to sail her effectively. Well if the yacht in question is a Perini the answer may well be surprising. And if we’re talking about Perini’s “Seven” the response will leave you bewildered. The point in fact is that this 60 metre ketch delivered several months ago to Ennio Doris – already former owner of “Principessa Vaivia” – is a treasure trove sporting loads of technologic marvels to make sailing easy , as easy as on a small sloop.

Taking a closer look, we realize that the winches stand out of the chorus line, since on Seven they’re three speed but they gear up or down accordingly in an automatic way which means the skipper can make necessary adjustments in a matter of seconds with stunning precision by choosing between the most performing and the softest modes: “comfort”, in addition to which there’s also “silent” mode which works directly off the batteries . In fact, Seven may well be taking part in the next Perini Cup competition ( the seventh edition of the Perini Cup was held last September during which 21 superyachts took part). We’re talking about cutting edge technology in every Perini sailing yacht; after all Fabio Perini founder of this historic yard was just 17 when he began to collect patents which revolutionised industrial production in several sectors. Back in the early eighties the first sailing superyacht which could be handled and manoeuvred in every phase directly from the cockpit soon after Perini’s inception was thanks to Fabio Perini.

To optimize range on Seven, there’s a special device which reduces drastically the energy needed to work the winches electrically, in terms of kilowatts from 22 to just 11. This winning attitude and fighting spirit in a quest for near perfection, has since led to optimize sail gear on deck further which when completed brought about a saving of as many as two tons which resulted in enhanced displacement, a lower barycentre (by 25 cms) which limits the necessity to extend the keel’s blade as much as before to limit the angle of heel and be compliant to the requisites imposed by MCA certification.

But “Seven” is not only about avant-garde technology. This third 60 metre after Seahawk and Perseus 3, is fruit of harmonious team work involving the yard’s design department managed by Franco Romani, and Ron Holland’s design studio which contributed with hull and waterlines and with Dante Benini who was specially requested by the owner to handle the architecture of the interiors. The aesthetics are so unmistakable the yacht can be recognised as a Perini from miles away: the silhouette sports flowing lines and an almost imperceptible flare and the blue hull sits low on the water, and the coachroof rises only slightly on deck. The current set of sails adds an elegant touch as the mizzen sail and mast rise up only slightly below the main.

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Once on board if it weren’t for the typical gear on deck which has been meticulously installed away from transit lines and if it weren’t for the sails and masts you could easily forget you are on a sailing yacht since the clutter free considerable deck space is so very similar to a motor yacht’s of about the same size.
In the majority of cases sailing yachts’ bow areas host crew quarters, but not on board of Seven where we come to an amazing lounge forward which according to Lamberto Tacoli President and CEO at Perini Navi is one of the owner’s preferred spots, also because from there he can see at a glance what his seven grandchildren are up to and that inspired him to name the yacht Seven.
As our tour of the yacht continues Lamberto Taccoli comments that in spite of her size Seven’s layout is essentially devised to host a family, albeit for a fortnight only for that is the maximum summer holiday period the Italian banker Ennio Doris manages to take and loves to spend it with his family on board.
Given the circumstances it is no coincidence that the owner’s wife Lina and Massimo their son contributed precious input on which the architect could work in developing the project.

At this point pertinent pictures speak for themselves more than words can in expressing how shared spaces and private areas blend harmoniously with dedicated refined taste while being definitely practical. Proof of this concept is Videoworks’s inspiringly smart lighting system installed on board.
In a nutshell a complex Italian work of art, which proudly flies a large Italian ensign aft on her elegant sloping stern.

Text by Filippo Repetto – Photos by Giuliano Sargentini/Perini Navi

For further information: Perini Navi

The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 61 – Spring 2019

LOA: 60.00 m – LWL: 50.43 m – Beam: 11.40 m – Draught (lifting keel): 4.30/12.30 m – Dry displacement: 574 tons – Type of rig: ketch- Top speed (when motoring): 15 knots – Range at 12 knots: 3,600 nm – Guests: 12 – Construction material: Aluminium alloy – Concept: Perini design department (Franco Romani) – Hull & waterlines: Ron Holland – Interior Design: Dante Benini & Partners Architects – Class: ABS Malta Cross A1, Commercial Yachting Service, Malta Cross AMS ACCU MCA LY2 Compliant.