The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 62 – Summer 2019

The first asymmetric motoryacht in the world stems from a well defined idea which aims to obtain enhanced liveability, greater usability of the interior space offering guests a new concept with better access to the sea.

If Sanlorenzo has been a reference point for the international yachting scenario for more than 60 years, it’s due to its ability to innovate without exaggerating. In fact this renowned Italian shipyard has been doing very well throughout its career to date thanks to fine tuned production, which has been a step or two further ahead in interpreting market requests and above all by remaining faithful to its DNA. And this is also true for the new SL102 Asymmetric superyacht which, in spite of the fact it is the first asymmetric yacht in the world in terms of design and layout, it preserves the brand’s styling and features. So much the same, yet so diverse and if at first glance, the connection with the rest of Sanlorenzo’s planing fleet is clearly evident. A second one, when going round the SL102 reveals that the two sides are different from one another. The starboard side presents a classic configuration as always connecting the stern cockpit to the saloon/lounge in the bow via the lateral corridor, while the port side sports a ‘wide body ‘ configuration which is without the lateral corridor and with the topsides extending right up from the waterline to the flying bridge. This unprecedented configuration stems from the yard’s technicians and design team, with Bernardo and Martina Zuccon’s input and last but least from Chris Bangle’s car designer creativity who’s collaborated with Sanlorenzo several times.

Bernardo Zuccon –of Zuccon International Project said “The reason for the asymmetry is fascinating, it’s a real challenge and something more than a typological experiment. As an architect trained in residential design, I consider every type of housing as a different way of living in a house. However in the case in point the asymmetry becomes a key element in a new way of interpreting a yacht. The real challenge was to not change Sanlorenzo’s history and traditional features, but to respect the very strong image this brand and its yachts have while innovating without losing their identity and what they represent. In reference to naval tradition, we tried to go beyond traditional lines….to tilt the balance. Naval designers’ luck has always been up until now, to draw up half a boat and then turn it upside down on a horizontal plane with mirror-like symmetry. This project changes consolidated concepts completely. More resourceful, enterprising and aggressive project design work and more time is what this yacht required. The other big challenge was how to hide the asymmetry. Had we revealed it openly, brashly even we would have gone against the harmony of Sanlorenzo’s family feeling, with its sober lines, and balance of the masses. To achieve this only Massimo Perotti’s courage could have made this possible”.

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So as to mask this asymmetry, the design team focused on details, clearly very visible ones, for example by inserting exactly the same grab rail on port and starboard sides even if it’s only a purely decorative element or by camouflaging the diverse levels of the two lateral corridors with a play of dark/light colour schemes of the window like ports and the superstructure’s roofing.
Among other things the portside grab rail installed along the roof top which on the SL102 runs parallel to the flying bridge as far as the six steps leading to the lounge in the bow, as well as the terrace opening out from the topsides on the opposite side in line with the living room/lounge area are solutions which Sanlorenzo was the first to adopt back in 2008 on the first model of the Alloy40.
The advantage offered by this new configuration is without any doubt in the fruition of the interiors which, when compared to traditional yachts of the same size, delivers a surface area which is about 10 square metres more. The layout foresees a large living room which looks out onto a balcony on one side, and on the other side a dining zone which thanks to a portion of the topsides which are lowered down accordingly to offer a panoramic view. There’s a choice of several diverse layouts for the SL102Asymmetric. To name a couple, the European version by comparison offers diverse seating arrangements in the main saloon and the owner’s suite is installed along the main deck which may on request be equipped with a ‘pop out’ balcony. Four guests’ cabins line part of the lower deck. The American version instead differs inasmuch as the owner’s suite is situated along the lower deck and the remaining cabins are no longer four but three among which one is a VIP and the two others are twins with separate beds. In lieu of the owner suite along the main deck the American version sports a large open space galley which connects directly with the dining area. The stern area sports an almost corner wet bar with wheels by the cockpit’s doorway so as to serve both the external lounge area and inside as well.
While respecting made to measure philosophy, the interior decor handled by Martina Zuccon can be tailor made according to the owners’ tastes and requirements.
As for the engines, Sanlorenzo recommends one of two solutions both are MTU branded: 2×2,216 HP or 2×2,434 HP, with which this yacht can reach a top speed of 28 and 29 knots respectively.
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Text by Daniele Carnevali – Photos by Fernando Lombardi

The sea trial was pubblished in Superyacht 62 – Summer 2019

LOA: 31.10 m – Beam: 7.10 m – Draught: 2.00 m – Fuel tank capacity: 12,000 litres – Water tank capacity: 2,000 litres – Engines: 2×2,216 HP MTU 16V 2000 M86; 2×2,434 HP MTU 16V 2000 M96 – Top speed declared: 28 knots – Recommended cruising speed: 25 knots.