The sea trial was pubblished on Superyacht 48 – winter 2015

One of Yacht-Ology’s clients signed an agreement for Tankoa S693 “Suerte” to be built back in March 2014. The yacht was officially presented at the latest Monaco Yacht Show in 2015.

Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini carried out the design work with Vincenzo Ruggiero’s input regarding naval architecture with a view to deliver a yacht with all of the utmost in terms of comfort, while sailing and at anchor.

Tankoa’s company policy in offering discerning and expert owners valid alternatives to Dutch and German high quality yachts has been confirmed and consolidated further with the construction of this yacht.

The original plans have been modified several times to obtain higher levels in terms of all round quality. Tankoa successfully managed to deliver the yacht without having to request extra time: this shows how dedicated the shipyard has been in delivering such excellence while amply demonstrating great flexibility.

To quote Francesco Paszkowski: “ The owner knew exactly how he wanted the yacht to be and Tankoa gave what it took to deliver and conjugate the owner’s requests with our needs and the technical specifics involved. I can confirm this work has been a great expression of successfully carried out team work which absorbed all those involved in building Suerte”.

Guests boarding the yacht do so from the stern bathing platform or from the boarding ladders. Those climbing aboard from the bathing platform pass through a magnificent Beach club area, an impressive wellness zone equipped with massage facilities, sauna and Turkish baths, both sport direct access to the sea thanks to terraces which open outwards over them.

Whitened teak lining embellishes all of the surroundings with the exception of the slate bulkhead at the far end. A staircase from the centre of the bulkhead leads directly up to the main deck and adjoining lobby.

Guests boarding from the smaller stern boarding ladder proceed directly to the lounge which as requested by the owner is a large one to enhance greater comfort to both family and friends. Those embarking from the central main boarding ladder access directly to a large cut glass door at amidships, which leads to the main lobby area with stairs and to the main lift. “Suerte” is in fact equipped with two elevators.

The stern area of the upper deck sheltered by the overhang of the sun deck above, is furnished with a dining table which can seat 16, with two L shaped sofas which enhance the already magnificent ocean view in the saloon, thanks also to the stanchion rails that have been adroitly substituted for tempered see through glass panels.

The owner’s suite situated in the bow area of this deck sports two lateral entries to his private terrace which is equipped with a forward facing six metre long sofa, a hydro-massage tub for four, and sun beds.

The positioning of this terrace guarantees total privacy since the helm controls station has been moved aft and the technical zone situated further forward along the same deck has been lowered.

This adjoining external space in the stern and bow has two gates one at each end. When they are closed, the owner does not wish to be disturbed. This entire zone sports large awnings providing plenty of shade which are held up by carbon fibre staffs.

The bow area of the bridge deck houses the helm controls station and also the captain’s office and cabin, while the stern area is dedicated to socialising, enhanced by an attractive five metre pool with a waterfall cascading down from the sun deck immediately above it and with a bar which shuts the pool off from the bow side by means of built in stools so as to enjoy a drink while sitting waist high in the pool.

Thanks to see through water proof sky lights installed into the bottom of the pool, plenty of natural light brightens up the saloon situated along the deck below which sports a great sea view, contains a huge flat screen television set, a fireplace and baby grand piano.

The atmosphere perceived from this area is one of coolness with natural light piercing through the pool’s water above. Aft of the pool there’s a touch ‘n go helipad which is solid enough for a twin turbine helicopter like the Agusta A109 to land on. By night the helipad can double as a dance floor equipped with strobe lights, speakers, and last but not least a DJ corner.

Another interesting feature is found on the sun deck where the owner and his wife can surely enjoy cruising in utter and complete privacy. In fact the area can be accessed via a concealed staircase or by deploying the second elevator which goes up there past the gym fifteen metres above sea level.

Turning back down to the lower deck there’s a couple of Dariel 7.50 metre tenders powered by 260 Hp Yanmar engines which can carry up to 13 guests and several F7 Cayago Seabobs for their amusement. A water tight door opens out and leads to the Beach Club.

Several Jet-skis are stowed in the two bow area hangars on each side. Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini well interpreted the owner’s requests. The interiors were to be modern, cosy and welcoming by exploiting natural noble materials at best, with ample passage ways to facilitate going to and fro while the crew goes about its daily chores without interfering at all with guests’ privacy.

The owner a very competent yachtsman has declared this objective was fully attained. Access to the interiors via the stern platform is no longer guaranteed by an automated sliding door which continuously opens and closes as guests move about, but by cut glass sliding doors on each side which translate into entering into a winter garden area which is entirely contoured by glass walls.

The atmosphere and decor inside of this area offers a pleasant change from outside, while the decor takes after Japanese houses adorned with floral design work, plants and floor to ceiling window panelling and slate flooring. The bar features a counter top which resembles the wing of a plane and recalls the owner’s liking for everything which can fly.

The whole of this area serves three functions: bright meeting point and lounge with plenty of natural light, but still in the open air, socialising and special bar facility with a realistic reception area where the man in charge overseeing the crew acts as doorman.

The aft area of the main saloon is reserved according to the owner’s wishes to his family and contains an ultra modern television set with a curved 4K 88 inch screen which runs along a curved black slate panel. Up to sixteen people can simultaneously watch the latest movies. Further forward we find a dining table situated in the middle which can comfortably seat sixteen which is well lit by enormous floor to ceiling window panels.

The living room area is separated from the rest by an aquarium while the bulkhead forward of it doubles as a show case/ wine cellar containing rare wine bottles. All the cabins given their positioning along the main deck are bright with plenty of natural light thanks also to large window like ports.

The interior decor is a pleasing to the eye mix of whitened teak, black lacquered details, black marble strips with a savvy touch of skin linings capped by an elegant white piano.

The lower deck is entirely dedicated to the crew, where special attention has been given to the distribution of ample spaces, the mess room comprises a large television set, followed by a lounge to relax in when not on active duty.

Two lateral doors open directly out over the sea. One of them allows ships stores to be taken directly through to cold refrigerated cellars while the other one allows the crew to embark and disembark without interfering with guests. A fully fledged well equipped galley is also situated along this lower deck with much practical and detailed input and guide lines from one of Italy’s most renowned restaurant owners.

“Suerte” sports the most advanced soundproofing and vibration dampening technology available. All of the flooring, bulkheads and ceilings are floatable which further enhance sound proofing.

Special coal fitted filters installed to the yacht engines’ exhaust system lower polluting emissions in compliance with Rina Green Plus Platinum certification requisites. Generator sets are equipped with pressurized exhaust pipes and silencers which mix exiting gases with water to reduce noise levels in port or when lying to an anchor.

Sea keeping qualities have been entirely satisfactory right from initial sea trials. According to some of the specs laid down in the contract Suerte when semi laden was to be able to deliver 16.5 knots at top speed. During the first sea trial the yacht stood up to 2 to 2.5 metre waves with 18 to 35 knot winds and in the 8 hours spent testing Suerte topped 18 knots all out with a pay load capacity closer to 70 per cent thereby performing much better than was expected.

Tankoa’s DG, Edoardo Ratto declared after the sea trials: To attain such equilibrium first time out at sea happens maybe once every 40 launchings. This is Tankoa’s first timer yacht and in spite of painstaking preparatory technical work, our engineers’ know how and the building team’s experience there are always a number of unforeseen factors which can occur when all is ready for the launching, but this time we’ve had nothing to correct or modify”.

“Everyone attending was duly moved by this launching – says in broken tones Michel Karsenti from Yacht-Ology and sales and marketing manager for Tankoa – since achieving such a high technical level with the first yacht is living proof enough that an Italian shipyard can compete on par with the world’s best. Two years ago a number of ship yards enquired as to why Yacht Ology signed an agreement with Tankoa. Well they understood perfectly well after having visited Suerte in the course of the latest Monaco Yacht Show!”.

For further information Via Luigi Cibrario, Genova 010 899 1100 [email protected]

Text by Roberto Franzoni – Photos by Tankoa and Studio Ciapetti

LOA: 69.30 m – Beam: 11.60 m – Draught fully laden: 1,220 t – Gross tonnage: 1,467 GRT – Top speed semi laden: 16.5 knots – Range at 12.5 knots: > 5.000 Nm – Fuel tank capacity: 160,000 litres – Water tank capacity: 37,000 litres – Engines: 2 x 1,825 KW / 2,480 HP – Propellers: Standard – Generators: 2 Northern Lights x 230 KW + 1 x 155KW emergency gen. set – Bow thrusters: VT Naiad 200KW electric motor – Stabilisers: VT Naiad 4 bladed installation – Construction material: High resistant steel – Superstructure: Aluminium – Project design: Francesco Paszkowski Design – Naval architecture: Ruggiero S.r.l.