Geneinno T1Founded recently in 2013, Geneinno is a startup dedicated to the R & D of products with which to explore Oceans and seas under the surface. The company’s name is made up of the word Gene and in part from Innovation. This company has realized Trident an underwater support craft for divers and Poseidon 1 which is a drone capable of 4k video takes up o 120 metres below the surface. The latest gizmo – Titan – is a more powerful version of the company’s well known underwater drone. In fact Titan can dive to 150 metres below the surface and can take 4k UHD shots thanks to an integrated camera equipped with CMOS sensors and Ultra wide 160° angle lens

Geneinno T1

Two 1,500 lumen lamps deliver plenty of light to dark surroundings while lithium 9,000 mAh,TSA certified batteries can operate for up to 4 hours continuously. Internal memory capacity in which to store material is of 32 or 64 GB. Thanks to a 1,080P resolution Titan also offers to view what the bottom of the sea in the area of choice has in store by showing it on a standard device such as an i-Pad which can be inserted into a specially built joystick remote control. There are six thrusters of which four are vertical and two are horizontal with speed options make things easier also for beginner drone pilots. In auto hovering mode filmed images are significantly stable also when in the presence of underwater currents.

Geneinno T1

Some extra accessories like red and violet filters are available on request to improve quality specially where the presence of algae is considerable, an HC6121 microphone will ensure recordings thanks to an extending robotic arm equipped with a pair of pliars which enable the collection of objects from the bottom of the sea. Something that can be deployed usefully should your best pair of sun glasses drop into the ocean.
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Measurements: 390x347x165 mm

Weight: 4.40

Maximum depth: 150 m

Top speed: 2 m/s

Battery: Lithium 10.8V 9.000 mAh

Engines: 6 thrusters

Range: 4 hours

Recharge time: 3 hours

Sensor: 1/2.5” CMOS, 8 MP

Video resolution: 4K, 1.080P

Video Format video: MP4

Images format: JPEG

Lens: 160° Ultra Wide Angle

Illumination: 2×1,500 Lumen

Memory: 32/64 Gigabytes

Operative systems: Android and iOS.