Tète de CuvéeGrappa Rise rva is made up of seven blends of grappa created by masters of distillery from the Bonollo Umberto Distillerie in Padua. They have always been a point of reference in terms of quality for grappa buffs. The Grappa Riserva is a distillate which possesses a harmonious and elegant personality, its scent expresses a well balanced mellow character.

To celebrate your passion for sailing and the sea’s impetuous spirit, Bonollo Distelleries propose this Grappa Riserva Tète de Cuvée in a refined form called Timone from the precious Capricci d’Arte collection. It comes in the form of a rudder in blown glass which reproduces the real life shape of those timeless rudders by which to steer ancient sailing ships. It contains 50 centilitres of distilled grapes to enjoy during meaningful important moments.
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