Mako Boardsports has recently presented a new jet board, this British company specializes in building jet skis and other hi-tech water craft.

Slingshot is a single hull in light carbon fibre, it is easy to transport and stow away. A two stroke 100c.c. Rotax CT100 engine delivers 15 HP to a top speed of 30 mph or 50 km/hr. It is easy to steer, thanks also to an ergonomic full grip joystick and to the sea keeping quality offered by its innovative shape. Anyone can use Slingshot whether a plain beginner or a talented rider there are no potentially dangerous propeller blades and it is safe. Drive is guaranteed by a jet drive system derived from the air space industry. It is designed to deliver great acceleration while minimising cavitation and generating constant power throughout the entire acceleration curve ensuring loads of exhilarating thrills. A 2.8 litre fuel tank capacity translates into 40 minutes at full speed with the throttle wide open!

“The Mako Slingshot represents a new generation of jet boards which enhances all of the emotions we like when playing on water” tells Gilo Cardozo founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mako Boardsports. “Motorised surf boards have been on the market for decades but no one really bothered to develop them. So we sat down around a table and focused on designing an ‘advanced’ jet board which would be powerful, safe, fast thrilling and light. Eighteen months later we launched Mako Slingshot”.

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