The Genoa based company Maremoto started up in 1990 on Sergio Morabito’s initiative it has become an important point of reference for many Jet skiers to the extent that the company has become Italy’s most sought after distributor for Sea.Doo and Yamaha brands. The increasing number of yachts over the last couple of decades brought about considerable diversification in that Maremoto has widened the range of products offered to include water toys large yachts normally have.

Let’s have a look at this year’s latest few. Following the advent of several electrically propelled surf boards and others equipped with petrol fuelled engines, here comes an all new product from Sweden: Radinn is the name of the manufacturing/exporting company and Maremoto is the official distributor on Italian soil. These boards differ from others on the market, they are lightweight by comparison and compact as well. They’ve been designed with CFD computerized software technology so as to deliver maximum performance and easier maintenance. They are available in two colours white or black and in two sizes: 1.90 or 1.65 metres.

The second G2X generation weighs less and offers high performance and longer battery life between charges. It is on the wide side built to carry an electric hydro-jet engine with interchangeable batteries. By comparison to the first generation the new G2X weighs only 40kg. comprising modular structure, engine and battery. Handling the board is user friendly and recharging is easy. Imagine the battery can be slotted into place just prior to launching the board.

The power pack can be disengaged quickly by pushing three buttons and another will replace it. 48V batteries power up the 15KW brushless engine and all of the materials used are very high quality; in spite of this the list price is less than 10,000 € with no optionals. Declared range is of 45 minutes, but a much sportier use reduces the range to 25 minutes. Top speed for the standard or basic set up is about 50kph. With an upgrade sixty Kph can be topped. The electric/hydro-jet power house can be removed by undoing just six bolts, while maintenance is practically nil, which means there’s no need to open the ‘bonnet’. Since the electronics are interfaced with the mother company via smartphone’s internet even upgrades and ‘repairs’ can be carried out on line. A dedicated application (app) can set the board’s acceleration and top speed and check the state of the battery bank.

A new Radinn Ultra Fast Charger will take just two hours to recharge batteries while two different power packs are available: a 2,800 Wh power pack developing 51.8V and 56.1Ah which has a range of 25 minutes at full speed and the other is an XL power pack of 4,000 Wh with a range of 35 minutes at full speed. The Radinn surf board is really user friendly and intuitive when compared to many technologic water toys. Apparently 90% of users can learn to stand and cruise along right from the first time. The accelerator is watertight and wireless. Curiously enough 85% of the clients purchase a second power pack immediately, with a third readily available one usage of the board become virtually endless as the charger takes only a couple of hours and switching batteries only takes a handful of seconds.

For the even sportier users a jet foil installed at the base will generate lift enough so skim over the water! The surf board is delivered with its own special casing, battery, remote, the app and a two year warranty. Using Radinn is fabulous, the board offers loads of thrills and is completely silent whether over waves, on a flat sea, rivers and lakes it is always really great fun. Changing topic we’ve known Maremoto has been the official dealer and the authorized assistance centre for Seabob for some time. It is now possible to rent them for any length of time. This way owners will always enjoy new kit without having to buy. The available Seabob models for rent are three: F5, F5S, F5SR, ranging from 2.5 to 4.5 KW which translates into 14 to 22 kph on the surface and from 13 to 20 kph below it with a range of 50 to 70 minutes and in terms of weight from 29 to 34 kg.

Today’s range includes an inbuilt video cam which means there’s no longer need to install a separate action cam. Do you want to personalize your Seabob? Nothing easier Maremoto can install the wrapping of your choice in any colour and or graphic design. Maremoto also rents out jet skis the same way, but that’s not all, two new entries have become part of the Maremoto family as well they are Shark Mix by Sublue and Endless Ride by Spinera.

Shark Mix is this smallest and easy to use underwater craft in the world. It is capable of extraordinary performance, featuring two propellers, a handle bar for both hands and of course interchangeable batteries also in water. This water toy can dive to 40 metres below the surface with a continuous range of about thirty minutes. Shark Mix will tow you at the same speed a professional can swim! It’s dead easy to use and enjoy immediately, it floats thanks to a device which is delivered with it which means you can drop it off knowing it will not sink. Furthermore Shark Mix possesses a bracket at the front end to which an action cam can be attached. Spinera’s inflatable cushion instead, is a gigantic ring which can accommodate 6 or 12. It comes in two sizes: with a diameter of 3.5 or 5 metres. Both feature a tow rod at centre to which an appropriate tow line from the stern end of the towing craft is secured. At some speed the ring will spin around 360° offering loads of fun as it spins round and round.

For further information: Maremoto; Via Tabarca 70, 16147 Genova; tel.+39 010 3776741, fax +39 010 3740462;[email protected]