Platypus Craft, specialised in producing semi- submergible boats and L2Concept design studio specialised in concept car design and recreational submarines met up to set out the main guide lines for the building of Swordfish a revolutionary tender.



The expertise and know how both these French firms have has resulted in a tender (the first one) capable of cruising under water. We’re talking about a 40’ tri-maran the centre hull of which is protected by plexi-glass which closes it completely. It can dive up to two metres with a seating capacity for 8.

The standard configuration derives from the automotive industry and more precisely from the Citroen Maserati (SM) of the seventies. The plexi-glass once the dive is over can be adroitly opened to let the sunshine in with a pleasant summer breeze. Some other features designed for this concept have to do with eco- sustainability. The hulls for example will be built in sandwich composites with block wood structural parts: ribs, stem head transom and more. Other features this tender can boast have to do with eco-sustainability, in fact the hulls will be built in sandwich composites and wood and power will be ensured electrically with two 500KW engines fuelled by 400 KW batteries linked to Z-Drives. In this configuration Swordfish is expected to reach a top speed of 40 knots, 18 being the recommended cruising speed and 7 knots should be enough to guarantee a range of 115 nautical miles.

Alternatively a hybrid system can be installed instead as follows: Twin V8s delivering 900 HP each coupled to a pair of electric units with an output of 80KW each. In this case Swordfish will be faster with a top speed of 50 knots.

For more information: Platypuscraft

by Danny Lo


LOA: 40 ft

Beam: 12 ft

People: 8

Electric engines: 2×500 kW

Top speed declared: 43 knots

Range at 7 knots: 115 nm

Hybrid engines: 2×900 HP V8 + 2×80 kW

Top speed declared: 50 knots.