The new luxury brand Superfluid by BorromeodeSilva made its debut in the course of the latest Milano Design Week held last April.
The presentation was held at the BorrolmeodeSilva studio in Milan which opened to the public for the first time to launch the brand’s first product : a Superfluid stand-up Paddleboard (SUP), generally speaking it is a latest generation surf board which well represents a perfect synthesis between aesthetics and technology and between research and innovation.

The oar of the SUP

The SUP is built by joint team work involving Fluid4Engineering, a company with experience gained in the America Cup, and Angeloni Compositi and Carbonovus. The SUP is a 3.8 metre carbon mono hull which weighs only 11kg which make it competitive and stable. The design is inspired by the shape of marine mammals it is aggressive and dynamic but it is also elegant. There are two versions, a hand painted basic model with sampled colours and a limited edition one which reveals but only just the ‘weaving’ of carbon fibre.

“Superfluid to us means recognition of the competences matured in and by our studio since this product offers us a unique opportunity to develop a project from square one or from its inception starting from the brand name through to the design concept, from the product’s name to the finished model and to marketing strategies and communication channels. A series of steps which puts the mind back to centre and focus on the entrepreneurship involved. A real dream for us as designers and real buffs for water sports” tells Carlo Borromeo partner of the BorromeodeSilva Studio with Fabio Maria de Silva, Filippo Sgalbazzi and Marco Biancullo.