LOA: 1.80 m

Beam: 0.60 m

Height: 0.15 m

Weight: 18.50 m

Maximum load: 120

Fuel tank capacity: 2.80 litre

Engine: 1 x 100cc 2stroke

Top speed declared: 64.00 kph

Battery: Li-ion 9 Ah.

Maremoto DFITitanium DFI has been developed directly from MotoSurf World Championship events it is the latest in the jet surfing world, at least for the time being. It is built in carbon and weighs less that 20 kilos. Titanium DFI is powered by a 100c.c. two stroke engine (DFI) or direct ignition sporting titanium exhaust systems, it sports a top speed of 64 kph. Thanks to a winglet pushing the water flow through the tunnel it is installed in to a racing model of a pump also in carbon optimising thrust at all times also when banking sharply.

Maremoto DFI

The fins are adjustable longitudinally (+/- 40 millimetres) in both camber to adopt the most suitable set up of the board according to the drive style adopted, the position adopted and the weight.

Maremoto DFIThe engine does not recharge the batteries but thanks to a Li-ion 9 Ah battery its range of activity is equal to about 3 hours of continuous use and approximately 150 starts prior to having to recharge which takes about 45 minutes once it has been plugged into a wall socket or cigarette lighter.

It is available in Carbon colour (standard) or in Race DFI Orange, Yellow or teal grey. The Titanium DFI can also be personalised with a personal design project. Obviously the strap and pad need to be installed according to the pilot’s style.
For further information: Maremoto; Via Tabarca 70, 16147 Genoa; tel. +39 010 3776741, fax 010 3740462;[email protected]

Written by Nico Caponetto